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McNutt & Partners’ Guide to Posting on Instagram

Raise your hand if you’re a visual person! We ask for two reasons. For one, Instagram is a highly visual platform. Secondly, visual people tend to learn better with visual guides and examples. In our experience in managing our clients’ Instagram accounts and content, we’ve identified a few “best practices” to follow in an effort to make the most out of the platform—and appeal the most to your followers. Download our guide to posting on Instagram, and read more about it below!

Images should be sized in a square format.

On Instagram, it’s definitely hip to be square. Instagram displays its images in a grid format—a square-based grid to be exact. Images on Instagram should be square in size and measure 1080px by 1080px, or a 1:1 aspect ratio. Otherwise, critical information could get cut off. Not following this guideline can make your content appear disorganized and ultimately, unprofessional.

Avoid using links in copy.

Instagram is not the place for posting links, as the platform does not support links in post copy. If you put a link in your post copy, it will just appear as (messy) text, and it won’t actually go anywhere. The only place that Instagram does support links is in a page’s Instagram bio. You can direct followers to the link in your bio with text like “Link in bio” or “Click the link in our bio!”

Maximize hashtag use in copy.

Some platforms, like Facebook, don’t see as much engagement with hashtags as platforms like Twitter and Instagram. Instagram post copy supports up to 30 hashtags per post—so use them to your advantage! Identify a set of standard hashtags to use with every post, and then add hashtags relevant to specific posts each time. Hashtags can help your content show up in more places on Instagram, including on the feed of users who are not yet following your page, but may be following one of the hashtags you used.

Use a cover image when necessary.

A visual platform like Instagram is all about consistent branding. If you are posting something off-brand (i.e., an image that does not use your font, colors, logos, etc.), use a branded cover image along with it. This can be a simple text graphic that says “Swipe for news!” or “Swipe to see something cool!” That way, your grid will still appear consistent with your branding.

Keep branding consistent.

Speaking of branding, in our guide to posting on Instagram, we suggest keeping your graphics simple and on brand. This means limiting the amount of text you put on a graphic, using no more than three different font types in a single graphic, and always sticking to your brand’s color scheme.

Use Instagram stories to your advantage.

Instagram’s algorithm may limit how effectively your feed content reaches your followers. Content posted to the “story” section, however, is not subject to Instagram’s algorithm. Set up a schedule to post story content on some kind of regular basis. You can also use the stories feature to direct followers to your page’s feed content.


Each social media platform is unique in its preferences, and Instagram is no different. As our guide to posting on Instagram shows, there are ways to best use the platform in order to maximize the yield you get from it in terms of your digital marketing efforts.

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