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Happy New Year: 20 Marketing Goals for 2020

It’s all in the name. The new year is a time for a new perspective on things. Not only did we just start a new year, but we just started a new decade! That means double the excitement for a fresh start. Keep in mind, a fresh start in marketing isn’t about wiping out everything you’re doing currently (especially if it’s working for you). It’s about assessing what you have going on—and making tweaks where necessary. Need some inspiration? Check out these 20 marketing goals for 2020.

Take inventory.

Make it a point at the beginning of the year to take inventory of your current marketing efforts. What are you currently putting effort toward and/or spending money on? You should also take inventory of your digital assets. In other words, make a list of all of your company’s social media pages, websites, email addresses, etc.

Make sure your info is current and accurate.

The start of the year is also a good time to make sure all of the information out there about your brand is current and accurate. Are your hours of operation listed correctly? Are your services up to date? People hold you to what’s on your website, so make sure it’s factual.

Reassess the strategies that are no longer working for you.

Out with the old, as they say! If you are spending time, effort and money on a marketing tactic that is no longer working for you, it may be time to reconsider.

Make small changes.

Rather than completely shed your current strategies that you think could be more effective, try retooling them in a new way. Maybe you need to tweak your messaging, your graphics, your targeted audience—little changes can help!

Clean up your digital assets.

Web pages that lead nowhere, social accounts still boasting holiday décor, portfolios that haven’t been touched in a year—it’s time for some updating! Among our 20 marketing goals for 2020 is to clean up your defunct and out of date digital assets.

Stick to a social media schedule.

If creating a monthly or weekly schedule for your social media efforts has never really been your thing, try it out in 2020! It can not only help you anticipate events and sales opportunities coming up on the calendar, but it can help you to maintain a consistent posting schedule.

Focus on brand consistency.

The public-facing appearance of your brand should be consistent in order to help strengthen brand recognition and loyalty in the eyes of your followers. If you’re using two different versions of a logo, for example, ditch one and use the same one across the board.

Strengthen communication with your brand followers.

Set a 2020 goal to strengthen the lines of communication between you and your current and potential customers. There are a variety of ways you can do this: monthly or weekly email updates, posting more to social media, being better about responding to messages, etc.

Strengthen communication with your agency.

If you work with an agency like McNutt & Partners, another great goal for 2020 is to strengthen communication with members of the agency’s team. Remember, they are there to help you! We would be happy to schedule a standing monthly call, or even just a regular email check-in.

Increase the value you are providing your followers.

What can you do to offer more value to your brand followers? In 2020, making small improvements can lead to big results. Start a blog with tips and tricks, host a weekly Q and A session, or even send a special discount to your loyal customers.

Lock in a new look.

What’s your brand looking like in the New Year? If it’s time for an image refresh, now is a good time to do it. Updating things like your logo, profile pictures, web slider images, etc. can help provide a fresh feel to your overall image.

Focus on brand reputation.

Having people talking positively about your brand in today’s digital landscape is more important now than ever. Make an effort to collect online reviews from your customers in 2020. You can do this via print materials, email follow-ups or even just by asking them directly!

Contribute more to your community.

How active are you in your community? This may be the year for you to get more involved. Being active can range from sponsoring a local sports team or town event to contributing to your respective industry knowledge by hosting webinars or posting to an industry blog.

Engage more with your social media followers.

The success of social media is all about engagement! Invest in efforts to reply to every comment and answer every message you get on social media.

Post more video.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again. Video is king in today’s digital landscape! Posts with video get significantly higher engagement than those without.

Expose the personal side of your brand.

Posts that expose the personal side of your brand also yield higher engagement. This includes employee spotlights, “About Us” features or even just posting about what your staff is doing around the office that day.

Educate yourself.

Take time to stay up-to-date with what’s going on in your industry. Follow relevant blogs, attend conferences, sign up for webinars, or even just flip through a copy of your respective trade magazine when you have time.

Make security a priority.

With the entire world being online, your risk for your assets falling into the wrong hands is higher. To add to our 20 marketing goals for 2020, heighten your digital security in terms of password protection, web security and beyond.

Measure your success.

Analytics allow us to assess the hard numbers when it comes to measuring whether or not a strategy is effective. Pay attention to these numbers to get a better feel for where you are making a dent.

Open yourself to new ideas.

It’s easy to get stuck in your ways. In the new decade, however, open yourself up to new marketing ideas! You never know what trying something new could do for your business.


Even if you just tackle a handful of these 20 marketing goals for 2020, that’s progress in our book! Here’s to achieving great successes in the New Year!

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