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6 Types of Content to Share on Your LinkedIn Page

Scratching your head when staring at your brand’s LinkedIn page? You’re not alone. LinkedIn is a very niche social media platform that in turn requires thoughtfully-curated content. Though it may take some extra effort, developing content specifically for LinkedIn can yield a positive response in the long run. If you’re in need of content to share on your LinkedIn page, here are a few places to get started.


If you’re tired of hearing that video is the content king, sorry. It doesn’t appear to be going away any time soon—and on LinkedIn, that’s no exception. According to LinkedIn itself, the platform’s members spend three times more time watching video ads compared to static content.

Blog insights

Maintaining a blog can help you not only in terms of SEO, but in building credibility with your followers. LinkedIn is the perfect platform on which you should share your industry knowledge. Do so by sharing links to blogs your brand has written with your page followers. In addition to industry knowledge, your blog can also highlight issues you are passionate about and/or give general advice on being a leader in your respective field.

Company updates

Let your company’s LinkedIn page serve as a resource for the latest happenings with your brand. When considering content to share on your LinkedIn page, think about company achievements, product/service upgrades or even information about events your business may be sponsoring. This category of content can come across in the form of blog, video, or just a simple post.


People respond well to numbers, and LinkedIn is an appropriate platform for sharing facts and figures. Instead of sharing a statistic in a text post, try to get creative with it by creating an infographic that displays the numbers, for example. The statistics you share can be from your own internal research, or can be shared from a third party.

Third party content

Speaking of third party content, keep in mind that your LinkedIn page shouldn’t necessarily be all about you, all the time. Found an interesting article that’s relevant to your industry? Share the link on your page. Saw a post from a colleague that’s worth sharing? Go for it!

Company culture

In addition to the hard facts and statistics about your company and industry, your page followers still crave insight into the human side of how your business thrives. Make it a point to highlight those people who are doing great things for your company. Think about traditional employee spotlights, sharing news about your employees or even having them showcase a special project they may be working on.


When selecting content to share on your LinkedIn page, you shouldn’t necessarily rely on the same type of content that you blanket share to your other platforms. Use these tips to be a bit more intentional in your LinkedIn content selection.

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