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4 Easy Ideas for Interactive Virtual Promos

Need we say it again? Times have changed in 2020. Society is finding new ways to operate in nearly every capacity in an effort to curb a viral spread. Obviously, one of the most significant ways things have changed involves a shift to carrying out more and more tasks virtually. A client of ours who hosts an annual trunk show came to us this past week announcing that the in-person trunk show had been cancelled this year. However, the client still wanted to offer some sort of promotion that customers could participate in from afar. This got us thinking about ideas for interactive virtual promos.

Taking things virtual

Though (depending on your area), businesses may be open for in-person shopping and appointments, many brands are still making the tough calls to protect the safety of their clientele by putting annual promotional events on hold for now. For example, our client typically hosts an annual “trunk show tailgate” at the start of every football season to showcase offers and discounts on various brands they carry.

If you’re wanting to offer a more socially-distanced option for your yearly sale or event, here are a few ideas for interactive virtual promos.

Host a live sale  

An easy and fun way to hold an interactive virtual promo is to host an event or sale on Facebook Live or Instagram. Designate a set amount of time (one hour, for example), during which you can show off products for people to buy directly from the sale by commenting “sold” right there in the comments. Facebook Live is inherently a great way to promote interaction, because the person talking on camera can verbally respond to comments viewers make in real time.

Make it a game

Going back to our trunk show example, our client has several brands of eyewear that they routinely showcase during their annual event. Taking it virtual, we suggested a trivia game throughout the span of a week or even a day. Each social post could highlight a different brand from the trunk show, with a trivia question posed about that brand or product. The first person to answer correctly in the comments wins a prize or discount.

Going back to the first on our list of ideas for interactive virtual promos, you could also host a game on Facebook Live. Ask trivia questions out loud for people to answer, or have a “wheel of discounts” to spin on behalf of participating social media followers.

Refer a friend virtually

Instead of having someone bring a friend into your store to shop a sale, incentivize the customer to share your great discounts with someone virtually. Set up a “refer a friend” promo, in which both parties receive an online discount code to use as a thank you for the referral. Advertise the program on social media, and send participants to a landing page to enter their information.

Use email to your advantage

Email is an effective way to reach your existing customers virtually, while providing a means to branch out to others who may not know you yet. Aside from sending email blasts with special offers for people already following you, capture new leads by asking people to sign up for your email list. Doing so could grant them an entry in something like the live giveaway mentioned above, or could garner them a special discount, for example.


Interactive virtual promos are an alternative to the sales events you are used to having at your brick-and-mortar location, but with more people staying home—they could work to your advantage!

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