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10 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation During the Holiday Season

We’re fully immersed in the holiday hubbub and everything that comes along with it. Prepping your recipe list for yuletide gatherings. Deciding whether your best ugly Christmas sweater is worth repeating at this year’s office party. Shopping for family members who may or may not like what you got them. Sounds fun, right? Keep in mind that we do it for a reason, and whatever the “reason for the season” is for you, most will agree that it involves showing compassion for your fellow human beings. This includes your customers! Customer appreciation during the holiday season is a way for you to strengthen your connection with your brand followers—and score some karma points in general.

Face it—your business wouldn’t exist without your customers. Use the generous spirit of the holidays to show them how much they mean to you! Here are a few easy ways to do it.

Send handwritten cards.

The art of handwritten correspondence is fading as text messaging and the like have taken over. That makes it all the more special when you do receive a handwritten card or note! Buy a pack of cards at the store (or have us design your own custom cards). Then, have each member of your staff sign them. The handwritten touch will make your clients’ days.

Be inclusive.

Though Christmas is the most widely-recognized of the holidays, we do say “Happy Holidays” for a reason. If you have customers who you specifically know celebrate other winter holidays like Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, they will likely appreciate your acknowledgement of those.

Send an email blast or electronic cards.

Handwritten has its place, but if time constraints have you then it’s perfectly fine to digitally show customer appreciation during the holiday season. We can help you design an e-card and/or email blast to send out to your client list.

Offer discounts and deals.

You don’t have to wait until after the holidays to show your customers some love via sales. You can hold a “Customer Appreciation Holiday Sale” for your entire client base or even just a select few of your loyal brand followers to receive a discount code via email, for example. You could also offer a weekly coupon or discount and change it up throughout the season.

Give away freebies.

Take it a step further and offer some free stuff! Maybe there’s a small item you can give away with each purchase that will not cost you much—and that will help your customers feel that they are appreciated.

Offer refreshments while shopping.

If your business involves a brick-and-mortar location, set up a table with some sweets and coffee at the front of your store or office. This small act of kindness will register big on your fans’ radars!

Deliver goodies.

Do you operate out of your home or travel to visit your clients? The idea is the same. Drop some baked goods off in their mailboxes or on their front porches. It will be a nice surprise for them to come home to!

Host a holiday open house.

Let’s party! Host a holiday open house to show customer appreciation during the holiday season. This concept rolls several of the above ideas into one. Have the event either during your regular store hours or after hours. Offer drinks/snacks, discounts, raffles, etc.! This can be a great way to interact with your customers in a fun setting.

Make a social post.                                      

Give your appreciated people a shout out on social media! A simple, “Thank you for your support over the past year” will let customers know that you value the role they play in helping to bolster your business.

Thank them in person.

The best way to let customers know you care? Tell them! Communicate your appreciation face-to-face if you have the opportunity to see your clients this holiday season.


The holidays are almost a wrap! (See what we did there?) Don’t miss your opportunity to show customer appreciation during the holiday season. While we’re at it, we want to send a message to all of our clients, blog readers and brand followers: We appreciate you!

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