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7 Qualities of a Well-Designed Logo

Your logo is often a consumer’s first impression of your brand before they know anything else about it. That alone explains why its effective design is so significant. It has the power to speak volumes for you when you are not there to speak for yourself. It also serves to allow consumers to establish a visual association with your brand, which will help them be able to better identify you among your competitors. Whether you are designing your own logo or hiring an agency to do it, there are certain qualities of a well-designed logo that you should always pay attention to. We’ll tell you what those are, using examples of a few logos our agency has designed.

It’s professional. If you want people to take you seriously, then you need a professional logo. If your logo looks amateurish, then your business will too. Using stock art, inappropriate fonts and just plain poor design are all ways that a logo can appear unprofessional.


It’s simple. You want your logo to be memorable, but you do not want it to be overly complex. Using too many fonts or having too many graphic elements in play are quick ways to muddy up a logo. In addition, highly detailed designs do not scale well when they are printed or downsized. In general, a simple design allows for easy recognition of your brand.


It’s original. One of the most significant mistakes in logo design is creating a logo that too closely mimics that of another brand. The point of your logo is to make your business stand out, so if you are reminding consumers of another brand, you are defeating that purpose. And while simplicity is a virtue in logo design that does not mean that your logo should not boast personality. Finding a balance between creativity and simplicity is key.


It’s relevant. Make sure the design of your logo matches the character and purpose of your business. For example, a logo for a children’s clothing store would be well-suited to employ a whimsical, childish font and bright colors, but that design would not be appropriate for a law firm. A well-designed logo evokes associations that most people have with certain types of industries and businesses.


It’s versatile. A well-designed logo also will not just sit stagnant in one place. The design of your logo should be functional and suited for a variety of uses. It should be able to be scaled to any size and still maintain its design quality, and if it uses color, it should still be effective in the event that it is printed in black and white.


It’s memorable. Memorability ties in with simplicity when designing an effective logo. Consumers are more likely to be able to remember yours if it is distinctive and clear. Keep in mind, the whole point of a logo is to allow people to make a visual association with your brand—so that they remember you among the barrage of media being presented to them on a daily basis.


It’s timeless. While a logo that relies on trends may seem like a good idea at the time, ultimately it’s not the best idea if you want your business to thrive for the long haul. A well-designed logo stands the test of time, meaning it will still be effective 10, 20 or even 50 years from now. Logo redesigns are not out of the question, but the foundation of your logo should be strong enough that you only have to make minor changes, if any, as cultural preferences evolve.

We live in a visual world, where people respond significantly better to graphics than they do to text alone. Think of your brand’s logo as a tool to not only draw consumers to your business, but to keep them coming back.

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