Ty J. Young Inc.

Case Study: Marketing, SEO, and Website Design

Ty J. Young Inc. is a client that has provided us insight into marketing a public figure while simultaneously marketing his associated business. Ty J. Young is a wealth manager and founder and CEO of Ty J. Young Inc. and Young Financial Partners headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Young specializes in helping retirement investors protect their assets and eliminate unnecessary market risk from their investment strategies. He has more than 20 years’ experience in financial planning and money management with an emphasis on protected principal and guaranteed income. As a leader in the industry, Young is a nationally-recognized speaker who is a frequent guest on national media outlets such as CNN International, CNBC and Fox Business Network and whose contributions have appeared in platforms like the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, AOL Finance, The Street and others. For Ty J. Young Inc., our focus has been twofold—to disseminate positive information about the annuity industry for potential clients to consume as well as to optimize the way that information appears in Google Search results. In terms of search engine optimization, we worked to rebuild www.tyjyoung.com to better respond in terms of key words and to improve user interface. Connected to that effort, we built two blog pages that coincide with the Ty J. Young Inc. brand: “Facts That Make You Smarter” and “Retirement You Earned”—both of which serve the mission of presenting consumable information and boosting Ty J. Young Inc. products in search rankings. Working with Ty J. Young Inc., the McNutt & Partners team carried out an intensive SEO process to bolster relevant information about both Ty J. Young Inc. the business and Ty J. Young the individual in Google search results. Tasks included:

  • optimizing key words on Ty J. Young Inc. sites
  • working with the Ty J. Young Inc. team to enhance social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn
  • managing Ty J. Young Inc.’s Google AdWords campaign to drive quality traffic to tyjyoung.com
  • correcting Ty J. Young Inc.’s Google My business listing to garner reviews from real clients

These efforts have helped elevate reliable and relevant Ty J. Young Inc. pages to prominent positions in search results while lowering the position of misleading negative information published by competitors and non-credible sources. In addition, we worked with Ty J. Young Inc. to produce the “Avoid Market Loss” video funnel, a series of four videos that introduces potential clients to investment products offered by Ty J. Young Inc. and illustrates how exactly these products can benefit them. The video series has attracted vetted leads for Ty J. Young Inc. since its launch in 2017.

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