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Let's Look at Mississippi Eye Care's

Advertising Momentum

Once a patchwork of eye care professionals, Mississippi Eye Care is an eye care provider with eight distinct clinics brought together under one banner. Mississippi Eye Care serves the eye care needs of East Central Mississippi, which includes full optometric treatment, eye exams, and referrals for pre- and post-operative examinations for LASIK and other eye surgeries.

Prior to the existence of the Mississippi Eye Care brand, each of the eight clinics had boasted long-standing community followings. Rather than reinvent completely, Mississippi Eye Care has sought to keep its trusted cast of community clinics intact, while simultaneously bringing them under one umbrella brand.

To successfully streamline this marketing mission, we overhauled their online portal to potential and returning clients, constructing a new website. This revamped online presence incorporated original messaging and graphics, but brought chic features, and flair, to the forefront. With a modern website in their marketing toolkit, Mississippi Eye Care has a place to better showcase their work and services, along with a way to attract prospective clientele.

And work hasn’t stopped there. More marketing measures for Mississippi Eye Care have also come down the pipeline, including:

  • Establishing a solid social media presence on all major platforms and boosting SEO
  • Cultivating a Mississippi Eye Care brand, while seamlessly maintaining individual clinic identities
  • Creating collateral materials for the brand such as signage, banners, and in-house swag
  • Implementing a fortuitous 2020 eye care campaign that adopts “20/20” messaging
  • Anticipating new rounds of smooth clinic integration into Mississippi Eye Care brand
  • Creating and maintaining Google search ads for multiple clinics, leading to increased website visits, calls, and appointment bookings
  • Creating logos, promotional materials, signage, and a website for the Mississippi Eyewear brand in support of its first location opening in Starkville, MS

Thriving digitally leads to strong performance outside the digital plane. This has become modern marketing 101. Adopting these marketing strategies has allowed Mississippi Eye Care to both boost its brand and maintain the credibility of its clinics, seamlessly and simultaneously.

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